Friday 11th and Saturday 12th February 2011

Coventry University, Technology Park, Conference Centre, Coventry, CV1 2TT


Friday 11th February 2011

9.00-9.15 Registration and refreshments

9.15-9.30 Opening remarks

9.30-11.00 Parallel Panels

Panel  a) Japan 1: Explorations of Modernity

Chair: John Berra

Woojeong Joo (University of Warwick), ‘When Modern Girl Sheds Tears: Shinpa Melodrama and the Everyday in Ozu Yasujiro’s Pre-War Woman’s Films’.

Julian Ross (Leeds University), ‘The Forgotten Shinjuku Thieves: Diaries of Intermedial Dialogue in the Japanese 1960s Avant-garde Arts’.

Michael Smith (Leeds University), ‘Tanaka Kinuyo – Women’s Filmmaker or Woman Making Films?’

Panel  b) China 1: The Production and Reception of New Chinese Cinema

Chair: Spencer Murphy

Carol Barker (Bradford University), ‘We’ve still got the twin towers: Landscapes of power in Jia Zhangke’s Shijie (The World, 2005)’.

Matthew Barrington (Kingston University): ‘Can the reception of the cinema of Jia Zhangke comment on the validity of contemporary Film Canon’s?’

Huifen Joann Hu (Jacobs University), ‘Transnational Chinese Cinema and its Chinese Audienceship: A Qualitative Exploration of the Chinese Audience Reception of Ang Lee’s Cinema’.

Panel c) Korea 1: The Culture of Consumption, Korean-Style

Chair:  Colette Balmain

Callum Jackson (Independent Scholar): ‘Censorship in South Korean Cinema.’

Paul Quinn (Hangul celluloid), ‘‘Love, Loss and Laughter in Korean Cinema.’

11.00 Coffee

11.15 Keynote address

Jasper Sharp (University of Sheffield, Midnight Eye and Zipangu Fest), ‘Adventures/Confessions of a Japanese Film Programmer.’

12.30 Lunch

1.30-2.30 Journalism Workshop: Covering East Asian Cinema

Chair: John Berra

Martin Cleary (New Korean Cinema)
Daniel Green (Cine-Vue)
Virginie Selavy (Electric Sheep)

2.30-4.00 Parallel Panels

Panel a) Hong Kong and Beyond: Auteurs, Audiences & Genre

Chair: Michael Smith

Gary Bettinson (Lancaster University), ‘The aesthetics of disturbance in recent Wong Kar-wai.’

Steven L. Riep (Brigham Young University), ‘Rethinking Genre Filmmaking: Visual Disabilities as Vehicle for Social Critique in Zhang Yimou’s Happy Times and House of Flying Daggers and the Pang Brothers’ The Eye.’

David West, ‘Wong Fei-Hung and the Shifting Identity of Hong Kong Audiences.’

Panel  b) Korea 2: Sex and Silence in Korean Cinema

Chair: Iain Robert Smith

Angela Kim and Min Kyung Joo (Sungkyunkwan University), ‘Like a Virgin: Looking for the new sexual identity through throwing father.’

Geunhye Kim and Lucy Jue (Sungkyunkwan University), “I wouldn’t have sex with you, if I were not a vampire”: The Manifestation of the Korean Vampirism in Thirst.’

Matthew Melia (Kingston University), ‘Silence in Korean Cinema’.

4.00 Coffee

4.30-4:45 Keynote address

Ian Conrich (University of Essex), ‘East Asia Relocated: New Zealand as an Extension of the Region’s Cinema’

4.45-5.30 Roundtable discussions

7.00 Wine Reception at Warwick Arts Centre for delegates


Saturday 12th February 2011

9.00-9.45 Keynote address:Paul Bowman (Cardiff University),’Spectres of Bruce Lee’

9.45-11.15 Parallel Panels

Panel  a) China 2: Chinese Youth in Revolt

Chair: Steven L. Riep

Mariagrazia Costantino (University of Rome), ‘Against Any Rhetoric: Teenage Riot and the Diegetic Use of Music in Contemporary Chinese Film.’

Dr. Yang Liu (Nanjing University), ‘A Carnival of Senseless Humour and Vulgar Parody: The Relationship between Low-Budget Comedy Films and Youth Sub-Culture in China.’

Hing Tsang (University of Surrey), ‘Transcendence and Transgression in Li Shao Hong’s Stolen Life.’

Panel  b) Japan 2: Trauma and Social Identity on Screen

Chair: John Berra

Marco Bohr (University of Westminster), ‘The Unrepresentability of Trauma in Kore-eda Hirokazu’s Nobody Knows.’

Christopher Howard (SOAS), ‘Zeronendai no Sōzōryoku – Towards a Survive-style Cinema.’

Artur Szarecki (University of Warsaw), ‘Deconstructing Japan: Space and Identity in Kamikaze Girls.’

Panel  c) Korea 3: The Transnational Nature of K-Horror

Chair: Matthew Barrington

Dave McCaig and Dean Lockwood (Lincoln School of Media), ‘Contemporary K-Horror as Critique of Ecstatic Consumption: The Housemaid (2010) and Other ‘Wired’ Narratives.’

Leung Wing-Fai (British Film Institute), ‘The Story of Two Texts: A Tale of Two Sisters and The Uninvited.’

Iain Robert Smith (Roehampton University), ‘Oldboy goes to Bollywood: Zinda (2006) and the Transnational Appropriation of South Korean Horror.’

11.15 Keynote address and concluding remark

Daniel Martin (Queens University Belfast) –‘ Branding Korean Cinema: Orientalism, Extremity, and the British Consumption of Korean Films’

12.30 Symposium ends