We are delighted to announce that the two-day international symposium Asia Exposure – East Asian Cinema in a Global Context will be held at Coventry University on 11th and 12th February.

Over the course of the past decade, East Asian cinema has emerged on the global scene as both an artistically thriving cultural community and an economically viable commercial commodity. Regular releases from such territories as China, Hong Kong, Japan and South Korea have captured the attention of academics, critics, fan communities and general audiences, with many distinctive directors rapidly building up bodies of work not only because of the international demand for their work, but also due to new avenues for financing and distribution.

As such, there has been much scholarship in the field of East Asian Cinema in recent years, and Asian Exposure aims to develop a network for future interdisciplinary cooperation.

In terms of academic content, this event intends to challenge the boundaries and conventions of the analysis of East Asian Cinema. This will be achieved by considering the production, distribution and reception of such films while also offering new insights into local productions and co-productions which have perhaps been overlooked by scholars and audiences in the West. The symposium will consist of panels and keynotes with participants from a variety of interrelated fields (academia, industry, journalism).

This symposium has been arranged in conjunction with the East Winds: A Third Window Film Festival, to be held at Warwick Arts Centre from February 11-13. The opening film of the festival will be Tetsuya Nakashima’s critically acclaimed thriller ‘Confessions’, which will be preceded by a wine reception. Other screenings include Gen Takahashi’s police corruption saga ‘Confessions of a Dog’, Sion Sono’s true crime thriller ‘Cold Fish and Kuo-fu Chen & Qunshu Gao’s wartime espionage drama ‘The Message’. Gen Takahashi and Qunshu Gao will be in attendance for post-screening Q&A sessions.

Best wishes,
John Berra

Enquiries regarding attendance of Asian Exposure: East Asian Cinema in a Global Context can be sent to John Berrajohn.berra@gmail.com or Colette Balmainbalmacolet@aol.com.