We are extremely proud to announce some great news to start off the new year! We now have our very own festival entitled East Winds: A Third Window Film Festival in collaboration with our sponsors at Third Window Films! The 3 days of festival will take place at the Warwick Arts Centre from 11th-13th February and hope you will all join us for some amazing exclusive screenings, including ‘Confessions’ – the Japanese entry at this year’s Oscars!

Check out the Facebook page and also keep an eye out on the CUEAFS website, we will be offering more details as we approach the event!

East Winds - A Third Window Film Festival



举办时间和地点:2011年2月11日至13日(春节正月期间),华威大学艺术中心(Warwick Arts Centre)

本次的“东风”电影节维持3天,我们考文垂东亚电影协会为大家精心准备了众多让人目瞪口呆的惊喜!其中包括:日本奥斯卡提名影片《告白》的英国首映礼(松隆子主演);中国电影大片《风声》和《西风烈》的导演高群书的到访… 真将是一次校园与市场接轨,学生与经销商对话,与电影人面对面的特别经历。

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