Press release:

The East Winds Film Festival is excited to announce its collaboration with The Mockingbird Cinema & Kitchen in the iconic Custard Factory of Birmingham.

The festival will be taking place in Coventry University’s state-of-the-art 3D cinema Square One between 15th and 19th May, after which it will host an extended section at The Mockingbird Cinema for the duration of the weekend on 20th and 21st May 2017.

James Brown, the venue’s Head of Programming, said:

“We are delighted to be in partnership with the festival; one of our main objectives is to support a wide range of film genres and hopefully bring them to a wider audience in the region. The East Winds Film Festival is a perfect opportunity to do that and we are extremely excited to be part of it.”

Situated in the heart of Birmingham inside the world-famous Custard Factory, The Mockingbird Cinema is one of the most enthralling and welcoming independent cinemas around. Their intimate setting has the perfect atmosphere to become immersed in a variety of screenings, from classics to latest releases and private screenings.

The venue is far more than just a great cinema though; their kitchen and bar offer fantastic gourmet food and drink, which often includes bespoke catering tailored to screenings, thus adding to the immersive element of their cinema.

Those wanting a taste of East Asian cinema in the run up to the festival were able to watch Katushiro Otomo’s ‘Akira’, the cult classic regarded as the greatest anime of all time and a testament to the quality of films you can expect from The Mockingbird Cinema.

To accompany their Tough Guy Cinema Season, the East Winds Festival was proud to be the official sponsor of ‘Enter The Dragon’, the Bruce Lee martial arts classic which to this day remains one of the most mesmerising and epic martial arts action films.

The collaboration with The Mockingbird Cinema & Kitchen is one of the fresh and exciting additions to the fifth East Winds Edition, opening the festival to a much bigger audience that stretches from Coventry to the heart of Birmingham.

Combined with the interactive digital element introduced this year, the event promises to deliver a week of amazing East Asian cinema and much more.