The East Winds Film Festival has come a long way in the past four years. Setting the scene for 6 International Premieres, 14 European ones and 6 UK ones, the event has provided exclusive opportunities for local audiences to watch some of the most highly anticipated East Asian productions.

Films such as Tetsuya Nakashima‘s ‘Confessions’, Dustin Nguyen‘s ‘Once Upon A Time in Vietnam’, David Lam‘s ‘Z Storm’ and Nithiwat Tharatorn’s ‘The Teacher’s Diary’ have delighted viewers who have flocked to East Winds to embark on a journey of discovery, while special guests including legendary Hong Kong director Herman Yau and award-winning Japanese filmmaker Miki Satoshi have shared invaluable insights into the world of East Asian cinema.Once Upon A Time in Vietnam (Vietnam, 2013)

With age comes great responsibility and great change, so to mark its 5th birthday, the festival is spicing things up. Many of you have already asked what’s happening this year and we hope you won’t be too disappointed when we tell you that East Winds will not be taking place this autumn, but will be coming back in 2016 with a tour de force!

This will be just enough time to put in place major plans which will be revealed in the coming months, so stay tuned on Facebook and Twitter for more details soon. In the meantime, check out a brief history of the festival in the infographic below.

A massive thank you to all East Winds supporters! Keep the festival spirit alive by sharing your ideas and hopes for the next edition to @EastWindsFilm or using #EastWinds2016East Winds Film Festival History