We had an exciting day yesterday! It all started with meeting at 6am in front of the Ellen Terry building to catch the university’s minibus that took us to the Stansted airport in London. We landed in Trieste, had a meeting on the bus to Udine to decide the schedule for the next days, and found our way to the accommodation provided by the Far East Film Festival thanks to Antoniya’s Italian skills.东亚电影协会团队度过了令人激动的一天。一切都要从早晨6点Ellen Terry门口的集合开始,我们一起乘坐学校的迷你巴士去往伦敦斯坦斯特的机场。  我们在德里亚斯特着陆,并且在通往乌迪内的大巴上开始讨论接下来的行程。 同时,谢谢Antoniya一口流利的的意大利语给我们带来的帮助。

Finally, we head out to Teatro Nuovo Giovanni da Udine, where Ellie was interviewed upon our arrival by a reporter from a local radio station. We then attended the late screenings for The Message’ (2009) and Gallants’ (2010), the latter being introduced by its directors, Clement Cheng and Derek Kwok, who were so excited about the premiere, that they photographed themselves on the stage with the public behind.最后,让我们通往乌迪内电影的展馆,我们团队的Ellie正是在这接受了当地电台的采访。 这之后我们参加了迟些时候《风声》和《打擂台》的首映。在主持人介绍《打擂台》导演郑思杰与郭子健时,他们居然也兴奋地在舞台上当着所有人的面玩起了自拍。

Tired, but thrilled about the entire day that was fully documented by Michelle, Mike and Stan, we went back to the hotel on a shuttle bus, where we squeezed in with a few of our next door neighbours, who just so happened to be film students from Padova!

Michelle, Mike 还有 Stan, 整个摄影团队都十分辛苦,但同时也收获了令人激动的一天。最后,大家与同住在一撞房子里的邻居一起挤在迷你巴士上返回了住处。