It is day 4 of the 13th Udine FEFF and the last day for Team A.

Highlights of yesterday included an interview with South Korean director Lee Jeong-beom, whose action film ‘The Man from Nowhere’ (South Korea, 2010) was screened the previous evening, and this year’s guest of honour – Pink cinema producer Asakura Daisuke, who will be the focus of today’s panel (New Japanese Cinema and Pink Wink – A Tribute to Asakura Daisuke) and whose films are featured in this year’s retrospective ‘Pink Wink’ . A full article on this retrospective will be published in the forthcoming days.

Lee Jeong-beomSpencer Murphy interviews Lee Jeong-beom

The highlight of day 4 will be an interview with director Kim Min-suk whose debut film the action-fantasy “Haunters” (South Korea, 2010) received an International Festival Premiere to a rapturous response from the audience at Udine.

Team A will also capture interviews with a variety of guests and contributors at this year’s festival, plus a special chat with revered Asian film expert, photographer and journalist Frederic Ambroisine.

Upcoming reviews for the day include the World Premiere of ‘Rakenrol’ (The Philippines, 2011) by director Quark Henares, Clifton Ko’s classic comedy from the ’80s ‘Chicken and Duck Talk’ (Hong Kong, 1988) starring another guest of honor – Hong Kong comedy legend Michael Hui.

This evening the festival is screening the CUEAFS favorite and the opening film of this year’s East Winds: A Third Window Film Festival, Nakashima Tetsuya’s outstanding ‘Confessions’ (Japan, 2010).

Written by Elena Rapondzhieva

Photography by Kyrie Parkes