Seven Signs to Help You Understand Diabetes

Diabetes affects millions of people around the world. Understanding diabetes is not simple if you don’t have accurate facts. Type one affects children mostly and is treated by administering insulin shots. And that is not all. It is also rare compared to type two. On the flipside type two diabetes affects adults and in some cases is referred to as adult diabetes. It begins with insulin resistance. Presented below are symptoms that you should look out for if you suspect that you are suffering from diabetes.



Do you urinate frequently? If that is the case, then you might be having diabetes. The key reason why those experiencing this illness urinate a lot is that their sugar or blood glucose levels are high. When your blood sugar is elevated your kidneys are overloaded, and thus the extra sugar finds its way to your urine When your body fails to secrete insulin, or you become resistant to insulin the glucose will get back to your blood. Your kidney has to get rid of the excess sugar from your blood by diluting it. For this reason, those who have diabetes urinate huge volumes, especially at night.


Darkened Skin

If you notice patches of tan skin or velvety skin around areas like the armpit or neck, then you might have type two diabetes. The skin darkens as a result of insulin resistance in some patients. The condition is known as Acanthosis Nigricans.


Sexual Dysfunction

If you are a man above the age of fifty and fail to rise to the occasion often, then you might have diabetes. Men who are suffering from ED cant achieve and sustain rock hard erections. The key reason is that the additional sugar in their blood damages the blood vessels that are responsible for carrying blood to their private parts.


Frequent Infections

You might experience various infections if you have diabetes because of poor circulation and nerve damage that makes the heal slowly. When your blood sugar is high, your body won’t be able to fight infections effectively. The diseases affect the bladder and vagina and mostly occur in women.


Blurred Vision

It’s true that raised blood sugar can also destroy the lenses in your eyes. Yes, you heard me right! Over time flying blood sugar will harm your eyes weaken your vision and cause blindness in the worst scenario. Besides, your vision can also become cloudy. You might start having double vision, cataracts to mention a few.


Increased Fatigue

Since those that undergo diabetes don’t produce insulin or produce it in minimal amounts, the inability to utilize glucose to provide energy in the cells causes the fatigue. If you always feel tired even after resting throughout the day, you should go for screening.


weight lossUnexplained Weight Loss

When your body cells don’t use the power that they produce from glucose effectively, some of it is stored as fat while the other is utilized in the muscle leading to an unexplained weight loss Those with type one diabetes are the most likely to shed weight surprisingly.