“Your gonna eat lightning, and you’re gonna crap thunder” -a quote from the movie that gives goosebumps!

Rocky is about an unfortunate boxer living his life in Philadelphia. His life changes when an invite from the heavyweight champ Apollo Creed is given to him.

With merest resources and very less money, this movie was an underdog itself. Stallone made sure wrote it and fought to play Rocky. When they were low on resources, they changed the story altogether and made it even better. The story is impeccable and keeps you on the edge of your seat.

The best thing about the movie itself would be the music. It is certainly guaranteed to give you a lot of goosebumps every time you watch it. Bill Conti has indeed given us an excellent score throughout the movie, including the famous “Gonna fly now“.

Rocky Movie

There are 4 nominated performances in this movie. The acting has also known to be very good as well, especially Burgess Meredith. This person has offered one of the best acts I have ever seen. Sylvester Stallone plays Rocky Balboa and changes his voice very well to be the character, Rocky. He has certainly done an outstanding job. Talia Shire is a great actress and plays Adrian, a shy pet store owner who has never had a boyfriend before. She did an excellent job, as well. Stallone actually fought hard for this triumphant movie that makes the audience want to go the distance. Seeing `Rocky’ has actually proven to be both a cinematic experience and a religious experience. When the movie was first released, the film appealed to the broadest audience. Stallone’s amazing performance for his own screenplay has proven to be electrifying as the film celebrates the underdog who is good at battling hard to beat the odds. The movie is not at all about winning; it is about Rocky and how his desire did him good and helped him get by in a cruel world.

This movie is simple but well made. Fantastic music, excellent action sequences and incredible acting crew lined with a nice storyline to express its theme: a man can be anyone he wants to be but is requires great determination and stamina to achieve that. This is the first (and the best) chapter of one of the most famous sagas ever. A story is actually about hope, dreams that come true, and that is when life suddenly changes. From the misery of Philadelphia suburbs to the fame and the glory.

The director actually worked against all kinds of odds to makes sure that the movie is finished with class. The movie also had only a million-dollar budget and 28 days to shoot. He successfully created an underdog movie which rose up and won Best Picture.

Rocky mainly inspires us to get our work done properly and never quit! Going the distance is more important than winning or losing and that is how we are inspired to be better versions of ourselves!