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Movie Review The Help

Movie review

This movie an incredible one which not only pays justice to the bestseller on which it is actually based but it has a phenomenal cast as well, with outstanding performances by Viola Davis, Emma Stone, Octavia Spencer, Bryce Dallas Howard and Allison Janney. Veteran actresses Sissy Spacek and Cicely Tyson have also proven to deliver some really memorable and incredible performances. You should also know that Tyson’s character is central to the storyline she delivers, one of the most powerful and also moving moments and performances in the film without even uttering a line.

The Help has also known for delivering some really funny moments and will certainly make you laugh. This movie actually drew some Oscar nominations because of the great cast and also all of their performances. This movie actually put Emma Stone on the radar in a significant way.

The Help

The racial imbalances that the African-American people faced back in the 1960s is very well illustrated in “The Help,” and with absolutely no doubts, it showed how far America has come, in a positive way. This kind of progress is indeed appreciated, especially over 50 years. Either way, it proves to be a very powerful movie.
This movie does indeed go further when it comes to the exploration part when it comes to how privileged people used to behave against the black population. They actually used to behave in rabid ways and also it used to be really pathetic, the movie does not only focus on how this happended, it also shows how the black people reacted to it. It also shows in some ways that the sins of parents are somehow passed on to children and also the bigotry as well as the injustice that was rampant in those times.

The characters come alive, amazingly on the screen. There is no stretch of imagination. The casting was done perfectly. The Help entices every second; our eyes hit the screen. The Help is actually one of those movies that deals with the themes like racism and prejudice that used to be prevalent in places like the United States in the 60s, when man was about to go to the Moon. Now that we think about it, it is all surprising, but we should know that these things happened and also be glad about how everything got better.

The Help also does a great job at reminding us of how we should not fear, and we should be courageous and how we should address these kinds of things in a community and when we are in larger society we must strive to make sure that everyone in there feels welcome, no matter the sex, color, creed, religion, etc. The movie is actually 2 and a half hours long, you will not be bored even for a minute, because it is worth it. The film is guaranteed to make you laugh, and you’ll cry as well.

Film Review: Rocky


“Your gonna eat lightning, and you’re gonna crap thunder” -a quote from the movie that gives goosebumps!

Rocky is about an unfortunate boxer living his life in Philadelphia. His life changes when an invite from the heavyweight champ Apollo Creed is given to him.

With merest resources and very less money, this movie was an underdog itself. Stallone made sure wrote it and fought to play Rocky. When they were low on resources, they changed the story altogether and made it even better. The story is impeccable and keeps you on the edge of your seat.

The best thing about the movie itself would be the music. It is certainly guaranteed to give you a lot of goosebumps every time you watch it. Bill Conti has indeed given us an excellent score throughout the movie, including the famous “Gonna fly now“.

Rocky Movie

There are 4 nominated performances in this movie. The acting has also known to be very good as well, especially Burgess Meredith. This person has offered one of the best acts I have ever seen. Sylvester Stallone plays Rocky Balboa and changes his voice very well to be the character, Rocky. He has certainly done an outstanding job. Talia Shire is a great actress and plays Adrian, a shy pet store owner who has never had a boyfriend before. She did an excellent job, as well. Stallone actually fought hard for this triumphant movie that makes the audience want to go the distance. Seeing `Rocky’ has actually proven to be both a cinematic experience and a religious experience. When the movie was first released, the film appealed to the broadest audience. Stallone’s amazing performance for his own screenplay has proven to be electrifying as the film celebrates the underdog who is good at battling hard to beat the odds. The movie is not at all about winning; it is about Rocky and how his desire did him good and helped him get by in a cruel world.

This movie is simple but well made. Fantastic music, excellent action sequences and incredible acting crew lined with a nice storyline to express its theme: a man can be anyone he wants to be but is requires great determination and stamina to achieve that. This is the first (and the best) chapter of one of the most famous sagas ever. A story is actually about hope, dreams that come true, and that is when life suddenly changes. From the misery of Philadelphia suburbs to the fame and the glory.

The director actually worked against all kinds of odds to makes sure that the movie is finished with class. The movie also had only a million-dollar budget and 28 days to shoot. He successfully created an underdog movie which rose up and won Best Picture.

Rocky mainly inspires us to get our work done properly and never quit! Going the distance is more important than winning or losing and that is how we are inspired to be better versions of ourselves!

Movie Review Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park

This is a movie about the futile attempt of man to contain the things he cannot control. The film is set on a fictional island off the coast of Costa Rica where a billionaire philanthropist and a small team of genetic scientists have created a wildlife park of cloned dinosaurs. The movie was a spectacular visual masterpiece by an extremely talented director, Steven Spielberg. He properly executes what he is trying to convey through the movie. That dinosaurs are extinct, and no matter how much humans try to resurrect the once glorified creatures, it is impossible. Even if it was possible it would create an imbalance in nature. There have been 65 million years of evolution between the dinosaurs and humans. So it wouldn’t be a good idea to put both those species in a mix.

Jurassic World

The movie also does a fantastic job of showcasing the advancements in CGI (computer-generated imagery). Jurassic Park is one of the first movies to successfully capture the miracles CGI. In the movie, the dinosaurs are represented spot on and very scientifically accurate. The casting was also spot-on as Sam Neil, and Jeff Goldblum play their roles fantastically. The kids in the movie have also done justice to their roles as they show how terrified and ecstatic kids can be when it comes to giant creatures.

When the whole situation goes south, and the power goes out because of an unfortunate storm, the dinosaurs are let loose on the island. We see the dinosaurs roam freely and also kill and eat many humans that tried to imprison them. We see what those creatures are capable of once they are free to do what they want. Their full potential is shown. The giants majestically finally roam the island. The way it was meant to be.

“Life finds a way” is mainly what is trying to be shown in this movie.


Finally, we see the humans who built the park give up and abandon their dying effort to save their lives. Because they knew if they didn’t get out of there, they would surely be killed and eaten up the beasts that roam the land after 65 million years of extinction.


The sound effects were also incredible and unbelievable to hear.

In my opinion, this movie holds up the unbelievable standards of 2019. The story, animation, CGI and acting. All have been flawlessly executed. After all Jurassic Park was nominated for multiple Oscars and also won 3 Oscars for Best Visual effects, Best sound editing and Best sound mixing.

This is proof enough that Jurassic park is one of the best Sci-Fi movies of all time. It has set the bar so high for other dinosaur-related movies, and none are able to hold up to its standards. It has become one of the greatest blockbusters of all time.

Speilberg finally makes us believe that even for a single placebo second that dinosaurs still rule the earth or at least the box office. It has gone on to become an American classic. A sophisticated portrayal of dinosaurs at that time.